S3zipper Updated Input Variables

S3zipper Input Variables

Main Input Variables

Name Type Description Available Example
awsKey String Aws Key (Required) V1 & V2 {{awsKey}}
awsSecret String Aws Secret (Required) V1 & V2 {{awsSecret}}
awsBucket String Aws Bucket (Required) V1 & V2 {{awsBucket}}
awsRegion String Aws Region (Required) V1 & V2 {{awsRegion2}}
awsToken String Aws Token (Optional) V1 & V2 {{awsToken}}
awsEndpoint String Aws Endpoint (Optional) V1 & V2 {{awsEndpoint}}
filePaths Array/List File or Folder path in S3 bucket (Required) V1 & V2 {{awsBucket}}/files/pigeon.jpg}}, {{awsBucket}}/files}}
expireLink positive 64-bit integers Expire link in hours. Default is 720 hours or 30 days. Must be a positive integer greater than or equal to 1 (Optional) V1 & V2 24
zipTo String Zip To Folder In Bucket V1 & V2 {{my-destination-bucket}}/myzips
zipFileName String Specify zip file name if not already specified in zipTo V1 & V2 myzipname.zip
shortUrl String Create a short Url using Firebase Dynamic Links. Original URL is returned if there is a problem. Default is True V1 & V2 (Web Only) `true, TRUE, True, false, False, FALSE`
resultsEmail String optional. Send results to email only if provided. This is only a convenience method for testing. Not guaranteed to deliver consistently if used in production. V1 & V2 {{my-email}}
compression String Use no compress option on generated zips if false V1 & V2 `"true", "false"`
compressLevel Integer Level of file compression needed. Default for zip is 8 V2 range [-2, 9] : HuffmanOnly(fastest) = -2, NoCompression(faster) = 0, BestSpeed(fast) = 1, BestCompression(slower) = 9, DefaultCompression = -1
usePresignUrl String Use native non-expiry Aws S3 URLs if false. Not recommended if urls are public. V1 & V2 `"true", "false"`
maxFileCount integer Split/chunk the output zip file if input files are more than maximum file count. V2 `1, 4`
maxFileSize String Split/chunk output the zip file if input file sizes are more than maximum file size V2 `"2MB", "1 GiB"`
emailSubject String A convenient way to change email subject sent by s3zipper V2 `"New zipping results from s3zipper"`
fileMapper JSON A fileMapper is a JSON file inside the S3 bucket with key-name mappings V2 See example in [fileMapper] (https://forum.s3zipper.com/t/filemapper-a-way-to-change-file-or-folder-names/41)
fileMapperStr String A fileMapperStr is a Stringified JSON fileMapper. It can be entered into input as a string value and is more convenient than a JSON file. V2 See example in [fileMapper](https://forum.s3zipper.com/t/filemapper-a-way-to-change-file-or-folder-names/41)

Destination Bucket Input Variables

If you need to send files to a different Aws Bucket
Name Type Description Available Example
destAwsKey String Aws Key (Required) V2 {{awsKey}}
destAwsSecret String Aws Secret (Required) V2 {{awsSecret}}
destAwsBucket String Aws Bucket (Required) V2 {{awsBucket}}
destAwsRegion String Aws Region (Required) V2 {{awsRegion2}}
destAwsToken String Aws Token (Optional) V2 {{awsToken}}
destAwsEndpoint String Aws Endpoint (Optional) V2 {{awsEndpoint}}

Encryption Input Variables

Local Variable AWS Variable Required
For KMS Encryption Only The right credentials will decrypt KMS encrypted files. ServerSideEncryption provided by default (Not Required).
kmsKey SSEKMSKeyId Required
For Custom Encryption
encryptKey SSECustomerKey Required
sse ServerSideEncryption Required
cryptoAlgo SSECustomerAlgorithm Required
cryptoMD5 SSECustomerKeyMD5 Required
For Custom Decryption
decryptKey SSECustomerKey Required
cryptoAlgo SSECustomerAlgorithm Required
cryptoMD5 SSECustomerKeyMD5 Required