S3 AMI access to non public s3 objects

We currently rent an ami from you and would like to know how to zip files are that not public. I followed the AWS guide on creating a role and attaching it to an EC2 but when I try to add the new role that I created to the EC2 there is no button under IAM in security. I also noticed that user details of the EC2 most for the fields contains “EC2 can’t retrieve the platform details because the AMI was either deleted or made private.” I need to be able to zip non public objects. Is there another way?

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I don’t know if I am understanding you correctly on your question.
It has to do with permissions. I will test my private bucket and see if I can have you recreate the steps.
If I remember correctly, you need to create an IAM user. Then go to the bucket policy and update it to allow that user to maybe getobject, putobject, etc.
Use the examples from this link: